A Thriving New Community

Building houses is only the beginning, the vision of Kingsfleet is clear – to create a strong sense of community, place and belonging.

How we want to live our lives is changing – there is a desire to work and reside in harmony with our environment and to improve our work life balance. Kingsfleet will deliver on both counts. Superb facilities and working opportunities are at the centre of the new community.

Community Facilities

Kingsfleet will offer excellent community facilities, generous public spaces and parkland, allotments, cycle and pedestrian routes, sports pitches and a community centre.

People make a community. Getting together with like-minded individuals and becoming active in local groups will be encouraged and technology to support this will be available.

The spirit of active neighbourhood living is alive and well at Kingsfleet.

Local Schools

The provision of good schooling is an essential consideration for many families when choosing a place to live.

Existing state school provision is substantial – and the area boasts a wide range of alternatives. For those interested in private education there is also a great choice of local fee-paying schools including Thetford Grammar.

In line with the Kingsfleet vision, land has been allocated for contemporary, state of the art schools to be built Including three primary schools and a nursery.


Long-Term Management for the Community

Kingsfleet wishes to create a place of the highest quality that provides an aspirational living environment and gives opportunities for the enjoyment of open spaces and outdoor amenities for both the community and its stakeholders.

To this end Kingsfleet will have privately owned communal infrastructure, including amenity green spaces, trees, play areas, woodland, fencing, sustainable urban drainage systems, ponds, roads, foot ways and street lights.

A management company has been established to maintain these communal amenities to the same high standard in which they were created, through an estate charge raised from homeowners who benefit from them.